Though we may and should despise our own imperfections, we should not have a petty regard for God’s gifts.
– Saint Ignatius

This blog is documenting my semester of research into the history of Catholic mission schools, specifically looking at how these schools portrayed themselves, their work, and the Native communities they intended to serve. While their intentions may have been ultimately good, the images they constructed were often defamatory and condescending. Most interestingly, this imagery is not entirely confined to the past and raises important questions about nonprofit work in today’s society. This history is very obviously imperfect. Still, it’s important we understand how we became the society we are today, and that we not forget the mistakes of those who came before us. While the past can be a painful reminder of hardships and suffering, it also serves as a marker for how far we have come, and provides hope for a more perfect future.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 11.03.03 PM
A photo I took of Madonna Della Strada Chapel at Loyola University Chicago, my current home